The Crossroadz



Friday 20.7.2018


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Over the years, the band has gained the title “The Elite Of Russian Rhythm and Blues”.

The Crossroadz were formed in 1990 by Russian blues guitarist and singer Sergei Voronov (aka Voronofff) in Moscow. For more than 25 years, the band has remained one of the most popular blues bands in Russia.

The Crossroadz has toured across Russia and also in the Baltic States, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, China and France, where their first album “Between” was released in 1993. The song “Diamond Rain” from that record became a major hit in Russia and France. A regular headliner at Russian blues-and-bikes festivals, The Crossroadz has released six studio albums and two live DVDs.

Sergei Voronov played with the Blues Brothers Band on the opening night of Chicago’s House of Blues in 1996. He is featured on Keith Richards’ solo LP “Talk Is Cheap” (1988). Sergei’s own solo album “Irony” (2009) featured Gary Moore and Marc Ford as special guests.

Great energy, distinctive style and authentic sound of this band make it a very special act.

The band: Mikhail Savkin on guitars has been playing with Sergei since the original line-up. On stage, they are usually joined by Mikhail Vladimirov, one of the finest Russian mouth harpists; Alex Sechkin, a talented keyboard player who works with Wolf Mail on his European tours; Anastasia Kontsevaya, a magnificient blues and soul singer; Vladimir Voevodin on drums and Evgeniy Gluhov or Alexey Teeshen on bass.


Sergey Voronov – guitar & vocals
Mikhail Savkin – guitars
Mikhail Vladimirov – harmonica
Anastasia Kontsevaya – vocals
Alex Sechkin – keyboards
Alexey Teeshen – bass
Vladimir Voevodin – drums

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