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Saturday 21.7.2018


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Getter Jaani is a true idol for the younger generation of Estonians!

Getter Jaani’s road to stardom begun with the TV show “Eesti otsib superstaari” (Estonian Pop Idol). As the show’s youngest finalist of all time, she struck the audiences with her sunny radiance and was a favourite with the judges. The new artist then begun her collaboration with the Moonwalk agency. She was Estonia’s representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and has released four studio albums to date, all the while becoming increasingly known on the international music scene. She has become a true idol for the younger generation of Estonians, having more than 100000 followers on social media and more than 25 million views of her songs on Youtube. Last year, Getter was signed to Universal Music, which has already released two successful singles from her. The latest one (“Chasing Trouble”) has just received a music video.

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2010 “Parim Päev EP”
2011 “Rockefeller Street”
2011 “Jõuluvalgus”
2014 “DNA”


2010 Parim Päev
2010 Grammofon
2011 Rockefeller Street
2011 Valged Ööd (with Koit Toome)
2011 Me Kõik Jääme Vanaks (featuring Mihkel Raud)
2011 Talveöö (featuring Koit Toome & Karl Madis)
2012 NYC Taxi
2013 Meelelahutajad (with Maia Vahtramäe)
2014 Rannamaja (with Koit Toome)
2014 Isa Jälgedes (featuring Risto Vürst)
2015 DNA
2015 Lootuste Tänaval
2016 Kullaväljade tuul
2017 Something Good
2018 Chasing Trouble

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