Daddy Was A Milkman



Saturday 21.7.2018


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First time in Estonia!
Daddy Was A Milkman is presenting his debut album “Daydreaming” at Baltic Sun.

One of the most notable recent newcomers to the Lithuanian music scene, Daddy Was A Milkman will be playing his first major concert in Estonia. Lithuanian singer and songwriter Ignas Pociunas, better known as Daddy Was A Milkman, will perform his debut album “Daydreaming”.

Daddy Was A Milkman became an instant overnight sensation from day one. Soon, the artist was sought after by promoters from all the major festivals in the Baltic region. After a phenomenal performance at the Positivus festival last year, he won the hearts of many Latvian music fans. In his home country, Daddy Was A Milkman did great shows at major festivals such as Granatos Live, Summer In The City and others.

Daddy Was A Milkman has won acclaim not only in his home country but also abroad. All of Daddy Was A Milkman singles have had a lot of airplay on the main Latvian and Estonian radio stations. His recently released debut album “Daydreaming” is known as one of the best debuts of the recent years in the Lithuanian music scene.

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