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Thurdsay 19.7.2018


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Billy’s Band are a band from St. Petersburg led by Billy Novick that specialize in deep personal experiences and sublime contemplation, and are the founders of a unique genre of “romantic alco-jazz”.

Billy’s Band have long occupied a special place on the Russian stage – they are received equally warmly by both a demanding jazz audience and a rock festival audience of many thousands. Profound and piercing real-life observations about complex human relations, sublime reflections on everyday life, soul-stirring stories of the mundane are told by a guy who is just like the rest of us. His easily recognizable slightly husky voice is familiar to everyone who is no stranger to eternal romance, and likes to look into the gloomy sky over the banks of the Neva river, dreaming of something beautiful.

Billy’s Band, the faithful adherents of “romantic alco-jazz”, who for a dozen years now have been considered to be among the best concert line-ups of both Russian capitals (their success is not limited to Russia only – they are also welcome at international jazz festivals), have generated a wealth of songs that all the legends of Russian rock may envy for its sheer size and quality.

Billy’s Band is the case when the music and energy of a band never ceases to deliver. The dedicated connoisseurs of the band’s work do not deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying a lovely atmospheric evening to the accompaniment of their favourite songs.

Group members

Billy Novick – double bass, vocal, piano
Andrey Reznikov – guitars, cymbals, howling
Mihal Sanych – saxophone, piano, tom-toms, percussion

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Billy’s Band is a Russian band from St. Petersburg founded in 2001 by Billy Novick and Andrey Reznikov. The band began their creative journey by embarking on an adventurous tour across Germany. The musicians played for a month in clubs and on the streets of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Returning to Russia as a full-fledged and well-coordinated band, the group began to conquer their native country, performing in St. Petersburg and Moscow, mastering theatrical stage and taking part in festivals.

At the annual Night Life Awards ceremony in February 2004, dedicated to the achievements in St. Petersburg and Moscow’s club scene, Billy’s Band was recognized as the best club group of 2003; and in March 2004, the group was awarded the PoboRoll Prize in the category “Breakthrough 2003”, set up to promote achievements in the field of live music.

The musicians quickly gained widespread popularity in their homeland, after which Billy’s Band decided to expand their concert range not only inside their native country, but also outside it with the help of successful tours in Estonia and Finland, Germany and Latvia.

In 2006, the band set off to conquer the USA, where it successfully performed with concerts in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and New York. The band’s concert programme, being seasoned with revelations about life, soulful observations and urban legends, and having revived the style developed by Waits, has created a special memorable image and style of the group.

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