Alexander Rybak



Friday 20.7.2018


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Winner of the “Eurovision Song Contest” 2009 with his song “Fairytale” (highest score of all times).

Winner of the Norwegian “Melodi Grand Prix 2018” with his song “That’s How You Write A Song”. So he represented Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon once again.

Actually there are much more awards in the LIST.

Charismatic and captivating Alexander Rybak – singer, composer, violinist, pianist, actor, as well as producer for many other artists.

Known to millions, performances of this versatile and brilliant artist are charged with an energy that reaches all the way across to the back rows of the audience. In fact, the very same cheerful energy also flows through television screens and radio frequencies straight to the hearts of the listeners.

From moment to moment, he switches from being a virtuoso instrumentalist to a striking pop singer, skillful shapeshifter in a TV show or catchy folk musician. He can make you cry or laugh, inviting you on a musical journey filled with longing and sadness or merriment and joy.

He is not hindered by musical genres or national borders. He is a Musician and he is ready to perform to you.

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