Good to know!

1) Bring an identification document with a photo (passport, ID-card, driver’s licence) and cash.

2) Smoking at the concert sites is allowed only in specially designated spots.

3) A damaged or broken wristband IS NOT VALID.

4) The festival provides special wristbands for children, where you can write the name of the child and phone number of the accompanying adult. Do it immediately after receiving the child’s wristband! Instruct your child what to do in case he or she gets lost in the crowd – this helps you to find each other as quickly as possible.

5) Put your personal things where you won’t be able to lose them and where thieves cannot get hold of them. The most common places where things tend to get lost from are backpacks, back pockets and tables (this applies especially to mobile phones).

6) If you have or witness an accident, experience any sort of danger to yourself or others, or see someone behaving aggressively or offensively, notify the security personnel immediately and follow their instructions. They will know what to do, for they are there at the festival to help you.

7) Keeping clean and putting trash in designated places helps to sustain the environment.

8) Enjoy the Baltic Sun festival! #balticsunfest

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