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Info for festival visitors

Throughout the festival program, there are many caterers in the Baltic Sun festival area in the courtyard of Narva Hermann Castle with their tents and an extensive selection of delicious foods. In case you walking around elsewhere in Narva and would like to have a meal, however, here are some suggestions:

"Rondeel" Restaurant

Rondeel Restaurant Rondeel is Narva’s flagship restaurant with a historical atmosphere, housed in the northwestern tower of Narva Castle. Stylishly simple food of exceptional quality and an interior design that combines medieval and 1980’s retro themes need to be experienced first-hand. Only the finest raw produce – local and seasonal, whenever possible – is used. For instance, river lamprey, pearl barley and handcrafted ice cream figure prominently in the menu. The restaurant occupies two floors, but also features an additional cellar floor that can be rented for events, and a lovely summertime terrace with a view of the castle and neighbouring Russia.

Open every day 12-23.

Address: Peterburi tee 2, Narva Get directions

+372 359 9250

"Muna" Cafe


Tripadvisor recommends: the best cafe in Narva! Muna is located in the academic building of the Narva College on the town square. Some of the cakes are imported from Tartu in order to maintain a gastronomic link with the university there. There is an exciting a la carte menu, but also delicious daily offers. The name Muna (“Egg”) comes from the interior designer of the college, who kept painting eggs all over the walls. Its meaning can be freely interpreted by every visitor for themselves. Eggs are featured in many of the dishes, but it would not be quite correct to call it an egg restaurant. Although this is rather unfair to the menu, the favourite thing about this place for many of the guests is the bread that comes with food. This, however, is indeed a constant feature of the cafe — for menus come and go, but the bread stays. A large part of the charm is also the atmosphere of this cafe. During the summer, it is possible to sit outside and visualise the 14th-century yard and the old well (still symbolically marked) that used to stand in that place.

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 9-20
Friday-Saturday 9-22 (only during the festival!)
Sunday 10-18

Address: Raekoja plats 2, Narva
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+372 354 9665

RoRo Bar & Art Club

Bar & Art Club

RoRo is a riverside harbour tavern that also functions as a cultural club or art club. It features concerts and parties, and its distinctive atmosphere makes it a pleasant spot to hang out. During the summer, it is possible to sit outside; two indoor floors are open all year round. Food-wise, RoRo is a proper tavern. The menu features shashlyk (grilled skewerd meat), pelmeni (dumplings) with various fillings and other sorts of simple and genuine dishes. From time to time, special dishes not on the menu appear on the counter. Local beer on tap. The most fascinating element of RoRo’s atmosphere is the sight of the rising sun.

Open every day 12-04.

Address: Jõe 3, Narva
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+372 357 5141



"Silver Mint" Restaurant & Bar

Silver Mint
Restaurant & Bar

A little bit of friendly India in Narva! The menu is authentic and full of genuine tastes – everyone can choose the level of spiciness that they can handle for themselves. Many international guests find their way to this restaurant. Silver Mint is owned by a young, hospitable Indian family and is most certainly the only place in Narva that serves some truly spicy foods.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 11-23
(closing time is flexible, in case there are still clients enjoying the restaurant).

Address: Aleksander Puskini 13, Narva
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+372 357 3150


"OK Modern" Club & Tavern

OK Modern
Club & Tavern

The most legendary tavern in Narva. Opinion festivals and brainstorming sessions were held here long before such things took root elsewhere. Many decisions that have greatly helped the development of Narva were made in this cellar. There are always people here. It is worth to visit even when not hungry, for these murals and that furniture are a sight of their own. The murals depict the recent history of Narva. The first challenge, however, consists in finding the place. An inner yard, a cellar, no sign on the door. The food is straightforward tavern fare. The size of the carbonare dish is legendary – those able to finish it can be considered legends. All sorts of tasty snacks are also available, such as garlic breads with shrimp cream or deep-fried cheese balls.

Open every day 11:30-02:00

Address: Puškini 12, Narva
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+372 356 0207


Sushi King

Sushi King

Narva’s sushi kingdom is located at Sushi King, a restaurant with amiable service and an extensive menu of traditional Japanese foods. Only fresh and high-quality raw produce is used. There are also the convenient options of pre-booking a table or ordering for a delivery by visiting the website or a telephone call.

Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 11-23
Friday-Saturday 11-24

Address: Tallinna maantee 12, Narva 
Get directions

Information and ordering: +372 5622 2440
Booking: +372 5809 7222



A comprehensive list of dining options in Narva can be found here:


Let’s be ethical!

Information for caterers

Music and joy are beneficent — and likewise is the purpose of our festival, in the broadest possible sense!

In organising the festival, we adhere to the principle of preferring responsibly produced and fair trade* products to be used in catering for the festival. We expect each caterer to ensure that all the offered products originating from developing countries (e.g., coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, wine, etc.) have a fair trade background — i.e., that they come with a corresponding certificate (Fairtrade, Fair for Life, WFTO certified, etc.). In addition, it is recommended that all the other food products to be offered are also selected with a responsible and eco-friendly background in mind.

On our part, we offer advice for finding and choosing such products, and also trainings on the topic of fair trade if requested.

*Fair trade is an international movement and alternative business model that is based on dialogue, transparent and honest trading practices, and aspiration towards greater justice in international trade. Fair trade concentrates on marginalised producers and small farmers in developing countries, offering them better conditions to help them rise above poverty and advance the sustainable development of their communities. Long-term partnerships also enable the producers to invest in environment-friendly production. This helps to promote handicraft, organic farming and sustainable use of natural resources.

The fair trade movement strives for a system of trade that would prioritise people and promote social, economic and environmental justice.


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