Pay attention!

Festival organisers and security personnel are entitled to refuse and expel guests who do not follow the festival rules:

1) It is not allowed to enter the Baltic Sun festival area with alcohol, glass packaging, weapons, pyrotechnics or other hazardous items and substances.

2) Smoking within the festival area is allowed only in specially designated spots.

3) Damaged or broken wristbands are not valid or replaceable.

4) It is not allowed to enter the festival area with your own food and drinks, except special baby foods for infants such as milk and purees.

5) Dangerous items such as cut-and-thrust weapons or firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives, highly flammable, poisonous or radioactive substances are prohibited.

6) Narcotic and psychotropic substances are prohibited.

7) Pets are not allowed in the festival area.

8) Professional photography and filming at the concerts with the purpose of public display is allowed only upon prior agreement with the organisers. Taking photos and videos with a smart device is allowed. #balticsunfest

9) At the end of a festival day, guests are required to leave the festival area.

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