Baltic Sun

Festival of music and joy!

18-21 July 2018

in Narva, Estonia

On the lovely banks of Narva River that flows along the easternmost edge of Estonia, there is a town with a long, diverse and eventful history. In the coming midsummer, this history will be complemented by another cheerful milestone – “Baltic Sun”, a major international summertime event in the region.

The name itself already hints at the content – the purpose of this festival is to offer four joyful days filled with sunny music and bright experiences, attracting guests from east, west, north and south. In the yard of Narva Hermann Castle, a fortress more than 700 years old, well-known and accomplished artists from countries of the Baltic Sea region and further away take to the stage. Musical styles to be played range from pop to rock, folk to jazz and indie to blues.

A colourful city program introduces the sights of Narva and also presents a unique opportunity of sailing a jazz-yacht up the Narva River to the seaside town of Narva-Jõesuu.

“Baltic Sun” is a festival of music and joy that welcomes everyone with a taste for good music, northern summers and authentic liveliness.

The inaugural “Baltic Sun” is a birthday present to the Republic of Estonia on the occasion of its centenary and takes place in the framework of Estonia 100 celebrations.

Narva photo by Sergey Chetvertnoy

Baltic Sun 2018

Vaid 9 päeva veel Baltic Sun festivalini! 🌞Kas Sinul on piletid juba ostetud? Vaata rohkem 👉

Posted by Baltic Sun on Neljapäev, 5. juuli 2018

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